mercredi 24 mars 2010

MATIX x DIAMOND "The Sound of Progress" Headphones

They are finally here! I am sure that all you diamond lovers out there have been aware of these fine headphones since they've been blogged about for the last few months. They are here at EXO... and let me tell you that they look just as good live as they do in this picture! The headphones are available in store as we speak and should be online very soon.

In the meantime you can check out the other MATIX headphones right here.

samedi 20 mars 2010


Avez vous déjà vu une sélection aussi vaste de chaussures SUPRA? Non. C'est maintenant possible chez EXO!

Ever seen such a large selection of SUPRA shoes? Only at EXO!

jeudi 18 mars 2010


Le collaboration de l'année est finalement arrivé
Je sais que il ya du monde qui attend cette jour avec impatience
les skatebaords EXO x LADY MARY ANN sont ici chez EXO
venez a notre lancement officiele au Lady Mary Ann... Dimanche le 28 Mars @ 21hrs

The collaboration of the year 2010 has finally arrived
The EXO x Lady Mary Ann skateboards are finally here at the shop
they will be available in store and online very very soon
and in the meantime we invite all of you to the official release party on
Sunday March 28th at the Lady Mary Ann. 9PM


adidas x Star Wars NYC Imperial Invasion from Kellen Dengler on Vimeo.

The ADIDAS X STAR WARS Collection is HERE!! only place in Quebec City to carry these shoes that have instantaneously become a collectors item. They are available in the shop as we speak and will be available online very soon


TWO ANGLE is now available at EXOSHOP and EXOSHOP.COM
The tees will be available in store an online as soon as possible and EXO is the one stop location in Quebec City for TWO ANGLE!

The brand truly combines European details with the latest US trends to create street fashion with a clean style. TWO ANGLE mixes Sportswear with Streetwear to bring out items for both, people from the streets and the courts. TWO ANGLE puts a strong focus onto the quality of the clothes as well as onto the design and the graphics. Two Angle is worn by top LA rapper - The Game

jeudi 4 mars 2010

Nouveau casques d'écoute / New Headphones

C'est avec plaisir que je vous annonce ces nouveaux modèles de casques d'écoute!
Nouveau en magasin les écouteurs Skullcandy édition basket-ball ! (Lakers et Celtics pour vous nommer quelques modèles ) et sans oublier le modèle Snoop Dog de Skullcandy !
Aussi plusieurs nouvelles couleurs d'écouteurs WeSC! (Disponible en ligne et en boutique)

For all you basketball fans , we have recieved new Skullcandy team headphones (Lakers and Celtics to name a few) and before I forget, we've also got more of the Snoop Dog model.
And many more new colours of the WeSC headphones!
Come and see for yourselves in store or online!

New Two In The Shirt (TITS) T-Shirts / Nouveau chandails Two In The Shirt (TITS)

All you lady lovers out there are in for a treat at Exo or online!
We have now received new Two In The Shirt T-Shirts.
You can choose which lady you want to keep you company!
We will also have more styles available shortly!

Pour tout les ''lady lovers''... On a dequoi de bien pour vous chez Exo ou même sur notre site web!
Nous avons reçus de nouveaux modèles de T-Shirt Two In The Shirt.
Vous pouvez alors choisir quelle jolie demoiselle pourra vous accompagnez en soirée!
Nous aurons aussi d'autre sélections disponibles sous peu.


We have now received the CONS and Converse Black Flag !
Come and check em' out in the store or even online !
We will eventualy have more CONS in store

Nous avons maintenant les Cons ainsi que les Converse Black Flag !
Venez découvrir ces modèles en magasin et/ou sur notre site web !
Nous allons éventuellement recevoir d'autres Cons