vendredi 31 octobre 2008

Raph a laissé sortir le Trash Metal en lui en ce jour d'halloween.
Le résultat est convainquant!!


Ritchie Jackson, Dick Tracy, Lemmy Kilmister(Motorhead),Sam en Jean-Dan et Jean-Dan en Sam, G.I.Goe David swat Boucher et DICK dit KID ROCK sont tous content de célébrer l'halloween pour la premiere fois au EXO..................THE ACE OF SPADE!

Today at Exo we had the pleasure to be with Ritchie Jackson, Dick Tracy, Lemmy Kilmister(Motorhead), Sam as Jean-Dan, Jean-Dan as Sam, G.I Joe David "SWAT" Boucher and last but not least the second coming of Kid Rock aka Dick. This is the first halloween that the staff decided to all dress up and take part of the evil festivities! Hopefully next year the entire staff will diguise themselves as something! It's fun not being serious from time to time! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

The dark knight....noooo hahahahaha!!!

Jateen est le joker du EXO en ce jour d'halloween. Si vous voulez un deal sur les montres Nixon....ben repassez parce qu'il ne trouvera pas ça drôle... hahahahahahahahaha....WHY SO SERIOUS!!!!

Jateen is EXO's joker during this year's Halloween. If you're looking for a deal near the Nixon watch counter...we suggest you come again because someone out there, I won't say who will not think it's funny! ahahahahahahahahahahahaha... WHY SO SERIOUS???

Pujan stop the puck!!!

Pujan sera peut-être le prochain goaler des Canadiens dans 10 ans mais pour l'instant, il va passer l'halloween avec sa soeur et ses chums....happy halloween!!!

Look out Bob Gainey... you started to scout Carey Price at the age of 15.. well our very own Pujan is ready for any action! BEWARE! This is one of Pujan's favourite days of the year not only because gets to trick or treat with his little sister and his friends... but also because of the truck load of candies he is about to get tonight! Have fun little man!

jeudi 30 octobre 2008

Children of Bodom!!!

Le hoodie, les souliers, la chaine, les t-shirts et le skate. Nous avons le kit complet du parfait fan de Children of Bodom. Venez voir Jean-Daniel ou Lap pour que vous puissiez l'essayer.....METAL FOREVER!!!

Holy shit! The gods of metal have FALLEN upon us! ZERO skateboards and FALLEN footwear in collaboration with CHILDREN OF BODOM have released Chris Cole`s new pro models. So all you metalheads come check this stuff at the store or online at


MARC, tu es très gentil, souriant, travaillant et patient.......mais tu rentres jamais tes boites quand le nombre dépasse 3. On t'aime pareil parce que toi aussi, tu nous endures depuis longtemps.......Salut mon Marc!!!

This is Marc our FedEx guy, one of the most nicest, hard working and patient guys out there... but for some reason whenever Marc has more than 3 boxes to bring into the shop he seems to expect us to go out and help him...but its ok because as much as we are discouraged with him once in a while he has surived the EXO boys for long! Go Habs Go Marc!

You got a u.p.p.s you know me!!!

Une heure et demi à attendre le livreur de u.p.s pour nous livrer notre stock KREW et SUPRA. Il est pas mal gentil mais faut qu'il fasse attention à lui avec la gang de gangsters qui est venue l'aider avec les boîtes.

Oh man... today we were supposed to get our KREW and SUPRA boxes (you can see that there were a lot of boxes) at 1pm at our warehouse. I was there with David, Moose, Lap and Tommy... we waited till 2h30.. and no one showed up.... man I was pissed.. when we got back to EXO...UPS called us to let us know that the UPS guy arrived... I was furious! The nice man in brown was lucky that the THUGS we sent out were busy hauling in boxes because....!!!!!!! :)

Du volcom en ceintures!!!!!

Comme vous pouvez le constater, beaucoup de ceintures sont arrivées en magasin aujourd'hui. Pas obligé de vous dire qu'elles partent très vite donc ne tardez pas à venir chercher la vôtre.

Do I need to tell you which belts we got in today? I hope not because if I did... you need be checked out...Dick is admiring the sea of work he is going to have tomorrow when he places each and every one of these belts in the leather room up in the in-store warehouse....all these hot items will be available in the store and at very soon.

mercredi 29 octobre 2008

Yen a qui me fruste vraiment!!!!!!!!!!!!

La, je m'adresse au monde qui font des commandes pis qui vont pas les chercher ou qui les cancelle à la derniere minute.
C'est quoi votre probleme, si vous voulez pas le stock que vous commandez....ben commandez le pas viarge!!! Vous nous faites travailler pour faut réunir le stock, vous appeler, le facturer, l'empacter, l'enlever de l'inventaire, pour finalement vous l'envoyer........mais non, yen a qui ne vont jamais chercher leurs commandes au bureau de poste!!!
POURQUOI???? j'aimerais ben ça le savoir. Parce que à part de nous faire perdre notre temps et de nous faire suer........vous faites pas grand choses.
Pour les gens qui vont chercher leurs commandes et qui sont toujours gentils avec nous comme on peut l'être avec eux.................MERCI MILLE FOIS, vous faites partie de notre famille.

Sometimes we simply do not understand the reason why some people out there just cancel orders last minute or never go pick them up at the post office. I'll explain how it works; 1. you place your order 2. we print and pick your order the next day 3. we call you guys to confirm the order 4. We bill your order 5. Your box ships out with some freebies. 98% of the time our loyal customers pick up their COD orders on time, while the other 2% do nothing, they don't pick up the orders at the post office and then the box is sent back to us and we pay the extra shipping charges. We have to re-stock all the items and work twice for the same order.. that really sucks. I know most you pick up your orders but this message is for those who don't, All I can say is PLEASE PICK UP YOUR ORDERS... that's why most online stores do not sell COD, we do because we know it's a great way to order stuff.... but please before ordering make sure that you will pick it up! And for all of our loyal customers... watch out because in the coming months we will have loads of stuff for you guys... just wait and see!!!!


HEY SALUT MON B. comme le dirait si bien notre ami de campar. Savez-vous que ce gentil livreur vient au Exo depuis plus de 15 ans!?! En tout cas, lui au moins, il amène toutes nos boîtes dans le magasin quand c'est l'temps. Merci à toi el B. pour ton bon service.

The best of the best. If CANPAR was to have an all star team of deliverymen, our main man "Bé", would definitely be our number one choice for the starting 5. He has been delivering boxes to EXO for over 15 years....and he brings in the boxes himself! As we say in french, Hey Bé le king te remercie!


.......comme je le disais hier, on a reçu du nouveau stock VOLCOM. Ce hood est pour les juniors mais GEE ne pouvait s'empêcher de l'essayer pour la capine.....non mais, es-tu malade!?!!

...we mentioned yesterday that we got tons of new Volcom stock... this hoodie is for kids although Gee just could not keep the child inside him locked up... he had to try it on! All I can say is...Damn! And yes kids! the hoodie will available at very very soon!

mardi 28 octobre 2008

EVIL SINCE 1989!!!

Jay porte son hood Exo préféré que l'on vient de ravoir après une longue attente de 8 ans. Venez chercher le vôtre avant qu'il soit trop tard.

Jay is showing off one of his favorite EXO designs the "Cross". We issued this design in 2001 if my memory serves me right. This non zip hoodie is the second of our limited edition series that we are re-issuing. Grab 'em while quantities last! And yes we ARE EVIL SINCE '89!


Chemises, polos et cotons ouatés VOLCOM sont pret a allez chez vous dans vos tiroirs et allez aussi a l'école et meme rencontrer votre grand-mere si il le faut. Adoptez les des aujourd'hui.

Volcom shirts, polos, and hoodies are ready to be put in a bag and brought home to be placed in your closest and drawers, and heck while your at it why not wear the next time mommy and daddy bring you to grandmomma's house for dinner... she'll think you're so cute she won't stop pinching your cheeks!

WOW!!! Ca flash don ben ca!!

On peut pas le nommer.....on peut juste vous dire qu'on a recu beaucoup de nouveaux stock VOLCOM!!! Coloré,avec des serpents et du feux pis plein de..........jvous dis pas le reste, venez voir par vous memes!

We can't reveal too much but we can tell you that the new Volcom collection has just arrived for all of you to enjoy! If you like colors, it'll be clothing heaven for you... snakes, fires, and a lot'll just have to wait and see for yourself! All of this, yes ALL OF THIS, available at very soon!

J-Pay is back?????

Exo Hockey Club @ Colisée Pepsi !!!!

À venir, les commentaires de Coach Jateen sur la partie.