vendredi 31 octobre 2008


Ritchie Jackson, Dick Tracy, Lemmy Kilmister(Motorhead),Sam en Jean-Dan et Jean-Dan en Sam, G.I.Goe David swat Boucher et DICK dit KID ROCK sont tous content de célébrer l'halloween pour la premiere fois au EXO..................THE ACE OF SPADE!

Today at Exo we had the pleasure to be with Ritchie Jackson, Dick Tracy, Lemmy Kilmister(Motorhead), Sam as Jean-Dan, Jean-Dan as Sam, G.I Joe David "SWAT" Boucher and last but not least the second coming of Kid Rock aka Dick. This is the first halloween that the staff decided to all dress up and take part of the evil festivities! Hopefully next year the entire staff will diguise themselves as something! It's fun not being serious from time to time! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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