jeudi 30 octobre 2008

You got a u.p.p.s you know me!!!

Une heure et demi à attendre le livreur de u.p.s pour nous livrer notre stock KREW et SUPRA. Il est pas mal gentil mais faut qu'il fasse attention à lui avec la gang de gangsters qui est venue l'aider avec les boîtes.

Oh man... today we were supposed to get our KREW and SUPRA boxes (you can see that there were a lot of boxes) at 1pm at our warehouse. I was there with David, Moose, Lap and Tommy... we waited till 2h30.. and no one showed up.... man I was pissed.. when we got back to EXO...UPS called us to let us know that the UPS guy arrived... I was furious! The nice man in brown was lucky that the THUGS we sent out were busy hauling in boxes because....!!!!!!! :)

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