vendredi 3 avril 2009

Every family needs NEW BLOOD...

... And we are stoked to present to all of you two new members of the EXO Family I'll present them to you one by one!! You know that facebook ad I had going on a while back...well damnit! It worked!

This is Gabriel... he's 17 and is from Ancienne Lorette
I know, I know... we already have a Gab.. now we got 2 of them!
good luck Gab!!

This is Guy..we used to call him ti-guy.. but shit.. the boy grew up!!!
He is also from Ancienne Lorette and is 17 (he might be 18)

You can say hello to them when you drop by the shop... they're nice
and you have to make them talk... they have to get used to it

Welcome to the Family boys...
don't F@#% up!
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