vendredi 17 avril 2009


OH F/$% YEAH! And you better believe it
I know that there are a lot of people and shops out there that..
bitch about us...hate on us... try to stop us...

but you know what... WE ARE A SKATESHOP
not a boardshop... not a fashion shop... not a bikini shop

how do I know... let the facts speak for itself...

584 different items in our skateshop
58 of the best brands in skateboarding
228 different skateboards
80 sets of trucks
85 different sets of wheels
46 different sets of bearings
13 different packs of bushings
Ok.. I think you got the picture..

Look i`m not pissed or mad at anyone..
I`m just tired of other shops saying that they are skateshops when they are not
anyways..if you have beef....i`m not afraid to back my words...

jateen at exoshop dot com feel free to hit me up!

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