vendredi 20 novembre 2009


Des nouveaux t-shirts DGK sont arrivé en magasin aujourd’hui, DGK ne déçois pas et leur t-shirt sont tout simplement MALADE comme d’habitude! Voici quelque modèle que nous avons reçu ce vendredi..

Got some new DGK t-shirts today... and they are SICK! You know ever since the beginning the gusy at DGK make the craziest t-shirts I've seen! I hope all you enjoy everything DGK as much as we do.. take a look at some of the new tees we got today!

2 LIVE CREW t-shirts...
if you have no clue what 2 LIVE CREW is.. take a look at their wiki and myspace

Need I say more??

Agaisnt all odds, in any ghetto a hustler has to succeed agasint all odds!

Yann, is really into this t-shirt...

After Brown tried this t-shirt on, all he could think about was what he was goign to do tonight.. apparntly the grass is greener where he lives...
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