vendredi 13 novembre 2009


The Satin Collection

Retropin Expos

Patch Giants
(you get three velcro patches with the cap)

Red Sox for the women

Yankess Chaos Yellow

Yankees Chaos blue

Yankees Illistic wih Supra Cali Black Ostrich
if you're looking for a kit.. you've found one!

yes we have this MANY!

Red Sox, Blackhawks and Jee tagging caps just for you!

Une nouvelle ère est commence ici chez EXO, nous somme les spécialiste dans le domaine de skate mais après des années de recherche ici dans notre ville, je me suis rendu compte que il n'a pas grand boutique qui spécialise dans les casquette New Era... surtout quand on parle de sélection et une variété d'équipes... voici un avant gout des casquette New Era que nous avons reçu aujourd'hui...

A new era has begun here at EXO.. for years we have been the go to place for anything skateboarding.. but as time goes by the need to be the best on all our departments is a growing concern. After years of checking out other shops searching for New Era Caps I could never really find a place that kept a lot in stock and have more than 2-3 teams... times change and at EXO we have pretty much anything you're looking for when it comes to youth culture!
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