lundi 23 novembre 2009


Qui a dit que les t-shirts tie dye étaient morts? Foutaises! Allez voir nos tie dye de Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd et AC/DC! Vous pouvez les trouver dans la section Musique, on en a des tonnes!

Who said tie dye t-shirts were dead? That they were a thing of the past? Let me tell you that who ever questioned the eternal popularity of tie dye t-shirts was wrong! We just got tons of Tie Dye tees from Jimi Hendrix to Pink Floyd to AC/DC. You can check them out on our music section!

Hugo rockin' the KISS tie dye!

It's no tie-dye..but Pink Floyd can do what ever they want as far as I am concerned.. Gui is rockin' his favorite t shirt!
Gee and DIck... doing what they know best.. ROCKIN'!

Simply Beautiful... RIP Jimi

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