vendredi 4 décembre 2009


Le logo EXO baseball est notre logo le plus reconnaissable. En le regardant de loin, le logo nous laisse vraiment croire que c'est un Expo, mais non! C'est bel et bien un EXO! On vient juste de recevoir des grandeurs dans plein de nouvelles couleurs pour les t-shirts Expos et en plus on a reçu les baseball T. Exo avec les manches ¾ dans le vert, royal, rouge et noir! Ils sont en stock au moment tu lis ça!

The EXO baseball logo is one of the most recognizable logo's that we have. If you go down the street people who see you from a distance almost always think you're wearing an Expos t-shirt! but they're wrong! We just got new sizes for all of our Expo's t-shirts in all colors, and to top it off we also released the Expo's baseball t-shirt! the 3/4 sleeves are available in green, royal, red and black! They are available in the store and online as we speak!

David is ready to play ball!

Sam is just as ready, just a little more laid back!

One of our friends just bought Les Capitales de Quebec baseball team. The 2009 Can-Am champions offered this very nice gift to us as a token of appreciation because during the 2010 season we will be one of the many official sponsors of the local pro baseball team. Congradulation Jean Seb and GO CAPS GO!
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