jeudi 8 juillet 2010

are you ALMOST BLIND?...

Fanatique de Blind Skateboards ou Almost? Si oui... je crois qu'on vas vous rendre hereux car ajoourd'hui nous avons recu les nouveaux t-shirts Blind et Almost.. et ils sont quand meme tres SICK! Disponible en ligne et en magasin dans quelque jours!

It's always fun when we get Blind or Almost in the shop.. because then I get to blog about it and come up with silly phrases such as . Are you almost blind? And still get away with it. On most days you guys would just look at me and ask me if I was an idiot, and if I were you.. I'd ask that question too. But today is not such a day.. we really did get some new Almost and Blind t-shirts and accessories in stock.. and therefore I can use silly phrases like, did that t-shirt almost cause you to become blind because it's so damn rad? Enough with my nonesense.. the new tees will be online and in the shop in the next few days.

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