vendredi 3 septembre 2010

Ooops!! San Diego Vs EXO

Tous les jours, il faut que je me tappe quelques courriels, légitime ou non.  En voici un qui a attiré mon attention; (en anglais seuelement)

I go through a lots of emails each day, legit or not.  Here's one that caught my attention;

Municipal Code Violation

This email is to warn you that the stickers advertising your website, products or services that you are placing adjacent to the roads in the Pacific Beach and Mission Beach areas of San Diego are a violation of the San Diego Municipal Code paragraph 142.1206, that states in part:

“It is unlawful to place, post, paint or secure any sign, pennant, flag, banner, balloon, or similar attention-seeking device on public property or within the public right-of-way. Further, it is unlawful to place any lettering, card, poster, sticker or notice of any kind on any curb, sidewalk, street, pole, post, utility box, hydrant, bridge, tree, building, or other surface that is located on public property or in the public right-of-way.”

In addition, paragraph 121.0502 of the Municipal Code specifies that the legally responsible party for the placement or posting of such stickers is presumed to be the person or organization whose name, telephone, facsimile, address or URL that appears on the stickers. Please note that this law does not make a distinction as to who physically places the sticker. Whereas you benefit from their placement and are responsible for controlling their distribution, you will be charged under this law.

This law provides for assessing sticker removal costs and civil penalties that currently are at $100 per sticker for repeat offenders.

Our communities consider your approach to self promotion as graffiti and are very aggressive in removing it from our streets, usually within eight hours or less from the beach areas. Your stickers have been removed and are currently being held as evidence for prosecution by the City Attorney if you do not cease this activity immediately and take steps to prevent it in the future. 

Given the number and pattern of placement of these stickers, it is clear that this activity is not just a random occurrence. 

This will be your only warning. 

We appeal to you as a San Diego business owner to act more responsibly in your future advertising. Area merchants are usually willing to place promotional information INSIDE their store front windows in an effort to curb graffiti and property damage in their communities. Surely this is preferable to a business model that plans for an expenditure of $100 per sticker that has a street life expectancy of only a few hours.

The Office of Neighborhood Code Compliance is charged with enforcing this portion of the Municipal Code and subsequent sticker removal. Direct all questions to this office.

Better be careful next time...
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