dimanche 7 novembre 2010

Classics for XMAS

Les bons vieux vidéos de Skate de votre époque sont encore disponibles malgré la date de leur sortie! Des films tels que BLIND - What if, TOY MACHINE - Welcome to Hell et Jump off a building, ELEMENTALITY, GLOBE - United By Fate, en valent vraiment la peine!! Un bon vieux film de skate restera toujours une excellente idée cadeau pour le bas de Noël!! Passez les voir en magasin!!

It's November and we're already talking about XMAS!!! Can you feel the holiday season upon you? For some reason I was never really the biggest fan of the holiday season.. but I grew older and wiser and I softened up.. and now I love this time of the year! The food, being nice to one another, the snow, the beauty... OK OK I know.. I'm getting HALLMARK on you guys.. but I just don't want you all to end up doing last minute shopping because when we do that.. we buy silly stuff that we all know the person will never use! That's why we restocked on classic skate videos! Elementality, Blind's "WHAT IF?" and the must have "VIDEO DAYS", Toy Machines "Welcome to Hell" and "Jump off a Building" are just some of the recent DVD's we got!! so hurry up and make a skater's Christmas wishes come true! 

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