dimanche 9 janvier 2011

The Horror Project

Hey kids....first blog entry on my behalf in 2011... and who would have knew I would be talking about  
The Horror Project!.. I sure didn't! This is one of the new brands we are bringing into the shop this year.. the other brands you will know about them as they come... maybe a teaser here and there.. but once it's in the shop, you will be the first to know!
here is an introduction to the brand, from THP themselves...
DEAD • ication - The act of staying focused and turning your dreams into your own reality. THE HORROR PROJECT was our dream. Created in SPRING of 2009, THP set out to bring an edgy, fashionable line to everyone with a little bit more attitude. Staying aware of trends is always a goal for us, but creating our own along the way is what we wish to achieve. If you're into what we're trying to do, we thank you... you are our FIRE! Stay dead • icated and all your dreams can come true! -THP
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