lundi 30 mai 2011


We got the very stylish Emerica Shifter HK boot this past week.. 
Heath is an avid fna of the motorcycle.. and bikers are fans of boots
you can undersatand why the boys at ermeica went out to make this boot happen!
and as far we are aware.. this shoe is limited to EXO online in Canada and in the province of Quebec!

Heath has given himself the boot, introducing the new Shifter HK. The Emerica classic, the Shifter, revamped with a twist for Emerica legend Heath Kirchart. The new Shifter HK features embroidered insoles with Heath’s name and metallic gold aglets. Made from full grain leather and designed for one of the most legendary skaterboarders on the planet. The Shifter HK is the perfect boot for raisin’ hell with your bros, on boards and on bikes.

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