lundi 28 novembre 2011

The lastest Skullcandy G.I. and HESH mic headphones

With the arrival of Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty M.W. 3, it seems like an ideal moment to refresh your scouting gear before charging the enemy.

Listen up private. The "desert camo" Skullcandy's G.I. is primed to engage your eardrums with enough seismic sound warfare to turn your next listening session into a musical version of "Apocalypse Now". Armed to the teeth with the accompanying in-line mic, the G.I. will upload you with enough warrior stength and audio fire-power to handle whatever situation you're zipped in. Semper Fi, soldier, Semper Fi. Each of these "Fox Holes" headphones cames with a unique Urban-Assault stickers, the company invite you to tag it somewhere cool. Send them a picture and they might send you something. Send the picture at 

- In-Line Mic for hands free calls
- DJ Articulation
- Soft leather-touch ear pillowa
- Satin travel bag


 There's another brand new "pilot style" headphone set available at the shop. With 50mm high explosive power drivers, Skullcandy's HESH is locked and loaded to pummel your senses with pulverizing panoramic sound. The addition of the custom in-line mic only adds extra to the obscene levels of audio carnage and function you're in store for. You've been warned. Now beak-out soldiers.

- In-Line Mic for hands free calls
- Explosive 50mm drivers
- Soft leather-touch ear pillows
- Custom travel bag

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