lundi 6 février 2012

DGK - Head of Class

Les manteaux DGK Head of Class, sont disponibles chez EXOSHOP, pour seulement $105,00 tx ! Il reste beaucoup de grandeurs et nous avons les quatre couleurs en stock. Faites-vite, car ils s’envolent rapidement !!!

 The DGK Head of Class jackets, are available at EXOSHOP, for only $ 105.00 tx ! There are still many sizes available and we still have all four colors in stock. Hurry, get yours before they're all out of stock !!!

"I stand for being open minded, you know what I'm saying? 'Cause sometimes when you come from a community that's just been blinded by negativity, you don't even think it's possible to think the other way, because you're just so trapped in what you know. And it takes somebody strong to get out of the game and see everything that Martin Luther King Jr. was talking about."
-Stevie Williams

DGK, which stands for Dirty Ghetto Kids, is a Philadelphia-based skateboard company founded by professional skateboarder Stevie Williams. Their main products are skateboards, wheels, and clothing. DGK is distributed by The Kayo Corporation, which is also the distributor of Expedition One, Organika, and Gold Wheels.

 Stevie Williams is the owner and founder of DGK Skateboards with the financial backing of the Kayo Corp. The DGK pro team consists of Williams, Ben O'Rafferty, Marcus McBride, Wade Des Armo, Lenny Rivas and Jackson Curtin. Williams got the idea for the name 'Dirty Ghetto Kids' from a well known group of bomb graffiti taggers in his hometown of Philadelphia. Williams, now on Supra Foot Wear, is definitely one of the best skaters in the world right now, as he can do tricks that no one else can.
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