jeudi 18 décembre 2014

Vinyls and Band Merch

With over 1,500 music-related products, you will find something you like. From rock to metal, to punk, country, reggae and hip-hop, our selection is suitable for everyone.

Collectors will be pleased to learn that we now have more than 75 albums in vinyl, specially selected by our team. New albums, like Rancid's ...Honor Is All We Know or New Found Glory's Resurrection, but also classics like Black Flag's Everything Went Black and Ramones' Road to Ruin.

If you're not found of vinyl, we also carry CDs: 100 different albums, from up-and-coming artists and international fame bands.

Obviously, a music section would not be complete without t-shirts of your favourite bands!

You have a plain leather or jeans jacket? We got what you need! Over 200 patches, lots of pins and buttons and, obviously, 40 models of studs, in all sizes and colours.

In addition to poster on sale in store, a hundred printed flags are available from our website.

For more holiday gifts ideas, browse our Gift guide on our blog.

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